Thursday, January 20, 2011

70. Give blood five times per year

I did it!  13 blood donations down!  That is over 3/4 of a gallon and nearly equal to the total amount of blood I currently have running through my veins.

I was lucky enough to go when they weren't having a Twilight or Harry Potter party.  It was just a normal busy day.  Had I waited until tonight I could have gone to the Glee party, but I figured my donations by theme party didn't need to continue.

I am not done giving blood, just done tracking it on here.  I'm glad I put it on my goals because it kept me accountable to make sure I went to give. 

My favorite part...Cheez-its, brownies and Coke at the end.

If you can, get out and donate.  Someone going into surgery needs your blood!

Monday, January 10, 2011

40. Bring Melissa flowers 10 times for no reason whatsoever

Hannah and I went out to the grocery store this weekend to get some groceries.  As we were moving around the store Hannah spotted the flowers and said we should "get some for mommy!"  She was pretty excited about it.  I picked out a couple of options and she made the final decision.  She was happy to bring them into the house and present them to Melissa.
I guess you would say that Hannah actually got them for her, but I'm taking the credit.
Melissa picked the upstairs bathroom for this bunch and I think she made a good decision.  They look good in there.
This does not end my purchasing of flowers for Melissa, but it does end my keeping track.
Another goal done!