Monday, November 29, 2010

89. Have my brother's family visit at least 2 times a year

Gretchen beat me to the punch on this one.  She has a great collection of pictures showing just how many clicks it takes to get a decent picture.  What did people do before digital cameras?

It is so fun when we get together with Matt's family!  I just love seeing the kids play together and show their personalities.  One of my favorite parts of the weekend was watching the kids play in the Chick-fil-a playground.  Lilly showed Hannah and Maddie what to do.  Watching Lilly and Hannah run up and down the stairs to race down the slide together was great!  They even went down together holding hands a few times.  Maddie was a little slow to warm up to going down the slide but eventually began to love it.
What a great visit!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

70. Blood Bank Harry Potter Style

Almost exactly a year ago I went to donate blood only to find it was a Twilight party.  I had a very similar experience yesterday as I went to donate.  Sitting next to two nervous high school girls I found that this week they are promoting the release of the Harry Potter movie.  The most rediculous comment of the day was when the girl very nervously prepared for the needle injection by saying that it was all worth it because of the t-shirt.

You be the judge.  Was it worth it?

One more trip and I will be done with this goal!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

49. Read 1,000 books to Madeline

I don't know which girl I like to read to more.  They are both so different!

Hannah loves to have a story read to her.  I think her favorite thing is to curl up in your lap and just listen and enjoy.

Madeline listens to learn and remembers stories so well.  Just tonight when I was reading to her I stopped and Maddie told me to keep reading and told me what part was coming next. She is so attentive and follows along so well.

The thing I like most about reading to the girls now is that they are starting to follow along and have been able to memorize many of the books that we read to the girls.  We have even spotted the girls taking books off the shelf to "read" to Charlie.  Hopefully their love for reading will continue for years to come!

Another goal down!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

95. Vote in every election

I have been excited for voting day to come for awhile.  Not because I enjoy voting so much, but because this election had more commercials and phone calls than I remember us ever having before.

When I sat down with my ballot I had a pretty clear view of who I wanted to vote for in each race.  That is a lot different from years ago when I would vote but have no idea about anyone I was voting for.  That is why it made the list.  I have had to make a conscious effort to investigate the people running for office and have had to decide who I want to vote for and why.  It works out a lot better that way!

One more election to go and this goal will be done!  This goal will definitely not be on my next list.  Voting is a good practice to have, but it isn't really the most fun to keep track of.