Sunday, April 1, 2012

39. Drink no pop for 3 straight months

I made it!  On my first list I had a goal to go 2 months without pop.  I figured on this list I could make it a little more of a challenge and do 3 months.  I have to start by saying I am not a huge drinker of pop.  I may drink a can or two a week but nothing crazy.  In the summers it is more as I learned from my dad that when working in the wood shop or on a project that it is always better with a can of Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke.  He was right so I have taken to carrying on the tradition.
I had my farewell drink on New Years Eve and decided that my 3 month period would end when we left for Las Vegas on March 27th.  Not quite 3 full months, but I decided when we made plans for our trip that it would close enough.
To celebrate I had a Coke on the plane then had this glass of Root Beer at our dinner in Vegas:

To cap off the night we went to Fremont St. in Las Vegas and saw the largest TV screen in the world (1500 ft. long!).  We picked up root beer floats to enjoy the show.

I am not going to start to binge on pop.  Just a can a week, but it was nice to go for awhile without the stuff.  Matt, I am proud of you for giving it up completely.  I just can't do it.

31 goals done!