Friday, June 3, 2011

Eric's 101 Goal List - Second Time Around

I am doing this again. After having a lot of fun and success in my first time around, I decided that I wanted to do this all over again.  I have learned from my first time of success and failures and have put together a pretty good list of things that I want to do over the course of the next 1001 days.  The end date for finishing these goals is February 28, 2014.  Thanks to everyone for your support and for keeping me accountable!

Family Goals (10/18)
1. Plant a tree
2. Host a gingerbread party for the kids Done 12/1/12
3. Take kids in bathing suits to Millennium Park Done 7/16/11
4. Take Hannah out on 5 dates
     - Go Swimming 6/7/11 
     - McDonalds 7/6/11
     - Go Swimming 6/26/12 
     - Luigi's 7/10/12
5. Take Maddie out on 5 dates
     - Oberweis 9/22/11
     - Luigi's
     - McDonalds 3/26/13
     - Dunkin Donuts 6/24/13
6. Take Charlie out 5 times
     - Bounce Town 7/5/12
     - Dunkin Donuts 1/3/13
     - Harners 3/25/13
7. Go out in the country to look at stars
8. Get bikes for the girls  Done 12/31/11
9. Go ice skating
10. Write Charlie a song Done 12/5/11
11. Take the kids out on the canoe Done 9/3/12
12. Make wood toys with the kids Done 8/17/12
13. Go to Navy Pier Children’s Museum Done 1/13/12
14. Catch fireflies Done 7/2/13
15. Get another seat added to my bike Done 6/4/11
16. Make annual family videos
17. Go bowling as a family Done 1/8/12
18. Go to a Cubs game as a family Done 9/16/12

Health/Physical Goals (5/18)
19. Go Mountain Biking
20. Go curling Done 1/8/12
21. Go on a 50 mile bike ride
22. Triathlon Done 7/21/13
23. Canoe the rest of the Fox River
24. ½ marathon under 2 hours
25. Swim 1 mile Done 12/3/12
26. Beat my best 5K time (22:20)
27. Run a mile in under 6:07
28. Go snowshoeing
29. Finish P90X program
30. Race up the Hancock
31. Kick a 25 yard field goal Done 6/20/11
32. Run a race with friends
33. Do the Crane pose for 20 seconds
34. Ride 1500 miles on my bike (1500+/1500) Done 5/27/13
35. Ride from work to home in under 15 minutes 10 times (10/10) Done 5/30/12
36. Do 20 pull-ups Best (5/20)

Health Goals (4/4)
37. Donate blood using the Apheresis machine Done 12/31/11
38. Find a new doctor and get a physical Done 9/15/11
39. Drink no pop for 3 straight months Done 3/27/12
40. Go without high sugar foods for a month Done 2/8/13

Goals with friends (4/7)
41. Play tennis 10 times (10/10) Done 7/28/13
42. Do a camping trip with friends Done 6/7/13
43. Hang out with 3 friends from college
   - Scott
44. Do a music video with Matt
45. Host a movie night outside Done 9/10/11
46. Host a guys movie night
47. Take someone to give their first blood donation Done 7/25/11

Educational Goals (7/9)
48. Read the Bible (66/66) Done 12/30/12
49. Read 10 books for fun (46/10)
50. Read a book about another culture Done 6/22/11
51. Learn a scale on the clarinet
52. Read 10 of the top 100 novels (9/10) Done 1/7/13
53. Read Plato’s republic Done 12/23/12
54. Learn CPR Done 4/16/13
55. Finish my dissertation
56. Get a perfect score in Place the State Done 6/3/11

Food Goals (2/3)
57. Make pasta from scratch
58. Make a meal with all main ingredients from a Farmer’s Market Done 8/4/12
59. Make canned applesauce for the winter Done 10/23/11

Entertainment Goals (8/9)
60. Get and solve a 6X6 Rubik’s cube Done 1/19/12
61. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies Done 11/11/11
62. Watch a movie at a Drive-in
63. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies Done 12/24/12
64. Watch 10 of the top 100 movies (10/10) Done 2/3/12
65. Go to Hollywood Palms Done 8/14/12
66. Watch 10 classic (loosely interpreted) movies (10/10) Done 2/23/13
67. Get rid of Cable TV (at least try it out) Done 6/24/11
68. Watch 5 movies that I watched growing up (5/5) Done 3/3/12

Things to make goals (6/7)
69. Make behind the garage usable space Done 10/30/11
70. Tuck point the front of the house where needed Done 1/5/11
71. Put lighting up in the garage  Done 6/10/11
72. Make a planter for the front of the house Done 6/10/12
73. Make a baseball bat Done 6/17/12
74. Sew something
75. Build deck on upstairs porch Done 7/2/11

Places or Adventure Goals (8/26)
76. Go to a High School Play
77. Volunteer with an organization in Aurora Done 7/21/11
78. Go to a Fair Done 9/8/12
79. Visit 10 stores/buildings in downtown Aurora (5/10)
80. Go up in the Leland Tower to overlook Aurora Done 8/8/12
81. Milk a cow
82. Go to a State/National Park for a day
83 Go go-carting
84. Visit Conference Point
85. Go to Bears Training Camp
86. Go for a ride-along with the police
87. Take the bus somewhere in town
88. Tour Wrigley Field Done 8/20/11
89. Shoot a gun
90. Start a fire using magnesium and flint
91. Go to 2 new baseball parks (2/2)
     Petco Park 8/6/13
92. Volunteer for a race
93. Visit an ocean Done 8/6/11
94. Go to an ESPN radio show Done 6/28/13
95. Go to a new disc golfing course
96. Go fishing Done 8/10/11
97. Bike to Wrigley for a game
98. Drive a motorized boat
99. Pull a fire alarm
100. Learn how to whistle using my fingers
101. Play golf at Edgebrook Done 7/18/11


Tyler N said...

Good list Eric. Glad to help on any of those that you might need it. :)

Mom said...

This is an excellent list, Eric. I will help you whenever I can. I got a little scared when I read,"Pull a fire alarm." Depending on where you do that, it could be a felony! Where did you have in mind?

Anonymous said...

Jenean was reading your goals and told me one of them was to golf at Edgebrook. I know you may not do this goal this summer but thought I'd let you know if you didn't that if you go to and create an account Edgebrook is a course that uses this site. I just looked and their specials for the summer looks like 18 holes and a cart for $16 (reg. price $40). You can also name your own price which I normally do. Therefore, you probably can go there for $10-11 for 18 holes plus your cart. Good luck with the goals!

melissa said...

Tyler, thanks. I'm thinking I could use you this summer working on that tennis goal.
Mom, my plan is to pull the fire alarm at the hospital. I thought it would be nice to have a newspaper article to go along with my blog post.
Josh, sadly the Edgebrook golf course is one in Sandwich. I played about 20 high school matches there and wanted to play out there again.
That site looks pretty good. There are some courses not too far from here that would be possibilities.

Eric Weis said...

Oops, Melissa forgot to sign out.

Mrs. Maly said...

Eric I can help on the whistle with your fingers....I have one of the LOUDEST whistles around. When the boys were little I whistled outside for them when i wanted them to come home. Even to this day we can be in a crowded place and I can whistle and they always look for me:)

Your lest is very interesting...where did you come up with all of these ideas??? LOVE IT!
Dawn Maly

Matt said...

Looks so awesome, Eric! I'm really glad that we're doing it again. Let's get my list done first and then we'll work on yours :) Glad to see you're off to a fast start.

PS - to link to my goals, you'll need to change the link on your page.

Eric Weis said...

Thanks for the tip Matt.
Dawn, this is my second time doing a list like this. I have been collecting ideas over the past year or two that I wanted to add to my list. I found the 101 goals idea on a site I read and thought it was a pretty cool thing so I just started putting it together and this is what has become of that idea.