Tuesday, April 23, 2013

54. Learn CPR

I finally got around to finding a class to get certified in the arts of CPR as well as how to use the AED. I have wanted to do this for a long time now because if I was put into a position where these skills may be needed, I want to know how I can help.
For awhile I kept cracking up just thinking about Dwight from The Office when they had their CPR training.  That was inspiring enough for me to want to get the training.

What I learned is that there isn't much to it beyond what you see in the movies.
Step 1: check to see if the person is just asleep then check for a pulse
Step 2: get someone (or do it yourself) to call for emergency help
Step 3: start compressions.  You are supposed to do 30 compressions then 2 breaths and repeat this process over and over.
Step 4: (if possible) get the AED machine and hook it up to the person in need.  It will walk you through what to do after that.
The AED machine basically tells you if you need to do compressions, or if you need to shock the person.  Our nurse told us at the beginning of the year that if it tells you to shock them then there is no heart rate and they are basically dead.  "Dead is dead" was her actual quote.  It can only help at that point as the person's heart isn't doing anything.

I am happy to have this training and certification under my belt.  I pray that it is never needed, but at least now if I am in a situation where this is needed I can help with the knowledge that I am at least doing the right thing.

50 goals done!