Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blood Bank, Twilight style

After school today I decided to stop by the blood bank to make a donation. Little did I know that today was the promotional day for "New Moon", the newest movie in the Twilight series. The lobby was full. There were cardboard cut-outs of the main characters. There was a line for people to get there picture taken among these cut-outs. Girls were gawking at how cute Edward was and how real the cardboard picture of him was. It was nuts. My favorite part was when the photographer carried one of the characters around in the back (where they draw the blood) and set him by some of the donors so they could have their picture with it. The girls were so excited to be part of it. If anything, it was entertaining.
I considered leaving and coming back another day, but saw that they were fully staffed in the back and moving people along pretty fast. I'm happy I stayed, I think that it was the fastest service I have ever had. I also got a free t-shirt themed for the New Moon movie and a Heartland sweatshirt for continuing to donate. Not sure when or if I will wear either of these, but it's always nice to get free stuff.
My next day I can give is January 14th. I'm sure I will have to wait until January 25th or later.


Matt Weis said...

I'd wait till at least February 1st to be safe... Blah!

Mom said...

I'll take the "New Moon" shirt! I'm not quite as crazy as those girls at the blood bank, but I'm definitely a fan. I bought my ticket online last week. You can't be around middle school girls every day like I am and not get hooked! I love you!

Eric Weis said...

Sweet, that's one less person to worry about for Christmas.