Sunday, October 16, 2011

68. Watch 5 movies that I watched growing up

The other night I watched Last Action Hero on Netflix. I stumbled upon it while browsing the selection and knew it was the perfect movie to fit into the category of movies I remember from being a kid.  I only watched this movie 2 or 3 times growing up but it is definitely one that I remember from when I was younger.  I remember staying overnight with Matt at a friend's house and watching Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jay Leno or some late night talk show the night before the movie was released.  We talked about going to see the movie and were pumped to see the noon showing (or something near there).  We made sure that our friend's mom dropped us off early because it was the day of the release and was going to be the first showing of the movie and we wanted to make sure we could get a ticket for the premier.  After arriving early we found that it was us and about four other people who wanted to see the movie.  It turns out not too many others saw it either. 
After watching it again I don't think it was too bad.  It has a decent story line. 
Next up, I put in an inter-library loan request out for Surf Ninjas.  There are so many things in that movie I can not wait to make fun of again.

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Mom said...

LOL!!!!!I love you, Eric! Have a great day!