Monday, October 8, 2012

New Shelf for the Back Porch

Melissa wanted a shelf.  She showed me a picture from this site and I got to work.  I was fortunate to have a lot of the wood I needed.  Here's what I started with:

Glue.  This is only important to know after hearing what I had to do with it later.

Teach them early!  Charlie sanded a little, then took his hammer and started hitting it pretty good.  After that I had to pull out the nails and scrap wood so he could have something to do.

This is what it looked like when I thought it was done.  If you look at this one and then look at the finished one (or the link from the example) you can tell it is not correct.
I took the whole thing apart and started over.  That glue that I showed earlier, that made it a problem, but I was able to get right.

Done!  The right way.

I am really glad I went back and took it apart and started over.  At first I was really frustrated with myself for not taking more careful notice of what Melissa showed me to what I was actually making, but then I realized that I will be walking by this shelf multiple times each day.  I wanted to do it right and not think about how I messed it up and didn't make it correctly.  I am proud of that shelf and Melissa says it is one of her favorites of the things I have made.


melissa said...

love it!!!

Mom said...

Wonderful, Eric! It looks even nicer with the hooks on it! Love to you all.....

Matt said...

That's gorgeous Eric! You're back porch is becoming one of my favorite rooms in your house! :)

Matt said...

Looks really good Eric! (Really Matt this time).