Monday, August 12, 2013

14. Catch Fireflies

We were finally able to make it out to catch fireflies in the yard.  I don't know what happened last year.  I didn't see any. I'm glad they were out because the kids had a really good time catching them.

We started the night off with some ice cream.

Maddie loved it!  She did awesome.  That girl loves bugs and nature.  It was so fun to see her run around in the yard excitedly tracking them down.

Charlie walked around the yard in this pose for most of the time.  We tried to teach him that you could just let the bugs land on your hand if you moved your hand onto them as they are flying.  If you are watching from afar, he looked pretty silly.

Quick stop for a family shot:

Boy did the grass need mowed!

Releasing our catch:

They definitely had a good time.

55 goals down!

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Mom said...

More backyard family fun. Your yard is perfect for all kinds of activities! Love to you all!