Sunday, February 22, 2009

23. Visit new restaurants

I finally made it to the restaurant Jalisco's Tacos. I drive by there twice a day. I have wanted to go there for years. It is not the most attractive place. It is just a restaurant with a few booths and Mexican food. That's enough for me. We were the only white people in there. To the best of my knowledge, we were the only ones that spoke English. That was apparent when I asked what the bowl of limes was for and the waitress brought back more napkins and a couple more forks. It was fun to take a break from the normal chain restaurant and finally step inside the place I have driven by probably a thousand times.
As a bonus, friends of ours asked if we wanted to go our after church today. We ended up going to a place called Mother's Pancake House. We had six one year olds and six adults. It was one of the more interesting table of twelves you will ever see. The kids all handled it well. The food was really good. It was voted best as having the best pancakes in town. I would agree, mine was pretty good.
I now just have one more new restaurant to go to. There are plenty of options, we will see where I get to go, and when I get to go there.


J-Rev said...

eric.... we Mexicans love our limes. They go on anything and everything.
Since you were the only white people in there you know it was real mexican food.
MAN! now you got me wanting to go home for some good home made mexican food.

Matt Weis said...

Try White Castle... I don't think you've ever been there and you drive by it all the time too.

Mom said...

I think I prefer the American versions of Mexican food except for enchiladas. I'm glad you're trying new things, and don't believe your brother about White Castle. We went there at least once (totally against my wishes) and I could only eat a couple french fries. I was mostly fighting the barf urge.

Eric said...

Mom, did you actually try the food at White Castle, or did you just psych yourself out? Don't knock it until you have tried it.
I have no desire to eat there though. There are too many other places out there that are appealing to me than to take a chance there.