Thursday, February 26, 2009

4. Fast for 24 hours

This goal is done. It was pretty rough at times, but I made it. Luckily, I only had to do it for a day! This came on as our church raised the challenge to fast for the entire day on Wednesday and to eat a small bag of rice as our meal for the day. With that small bag of rice, it made it to be not a true fast, but I treated it as such throughout the day. I began my fast at 9:30 on Tuesday night and went until Thursday morning's breakfast at 7:30. I went 34 hours with only a small bowl of rice and had plenty of moments where I didn't think I could make it. There were many times where I looked at a bag of goldfish crackers, or a block of cheese to suppress my hunger, but at that time, I just prayed to God and prayed for strength and prayed for the people around the world that deal with those pains day after day.
The reason for the call from our church is because we have begun a partnership with a church in Nicaragua. Over the past few months we have been learning of the extreme poverty that they are dealing with and the hunger that they go through. Our bag of rice represented one meal for them and that was all they would have for the day. I was humbled to think that is what children are expected to live off day after day. It changes your perspective to think, this is all I get, and I hope there will be food tomorrow. That is truly a different way to live. I am so thankful to live where I do and how I do so that I don't have to have these worries for me or for my family. It also makes me proud to be in the church we are in where we are working to make a difference for those kids and families down there.

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Tyler N said...

Congrats on making it. There is a spiritual connection to do a fast. It's something different then I have ever experienced before. I remember those pains the first time I did a fast. They get a little more manageable the more you do it.