Wednesday, June 24, 2009

58. Visit Judson college

As you saw in the last post, I made it out to Judson College last week. I had initially planned for this to be with Melissa, and I am sure I will make it back there with her sometime soon. Things have changed a lot there. Many things are still the same, but there were a few changes.This is Ben Calhoun and his daughter Eva. He lived a couple doors away from me our freshman year and we became good friends while in school. He set us up for dinner in the cafeteria. It was delicious!It was especially nice to be able to eat fresh fruit and multiple entrees. He is currently an admissions counselor and frontman for his band The Least of These. They are going to do great things!
This is a bad picture of Volkman Hall. This is where Melissa lived when we met. I lived here my last year on campus. Ben tells me it is now the home for the Chicago Bandits (Womens professional softball team) who play at Judson.

The Harm A. Weber Academic Center. I used to play intramural football where this building now sits. The grassland in front of it used to be a parking lot. It looks a whole lot different than when I was there.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any more pictures. While we were there for awhile, we were pretty tired and not up for too much of an elaborate tour. It was nice to be there and I look forward to my next visit.


Mom said...

Your "bad" picture of Volkman Hall shows how pretty the campus is. If you think Judson has changed, guess how many changes have been made at my alma mater, NIU, since I was there 35+ years ago!

J-Rev said...

Dude, I so need to go back. Leanne and I really want to go for homecoming. We really want to see the new building and all the old stuff.

Eric said...

If not at homecoming, you can come some other time. The place looks great. Things are definitely changing.
We could bring our bikes up and head over to the forest preserve across the street. We had some good times over there.

Brad and Laura said...

Wow- I haven't been back to Judson since the day I left. How sad. I should make it a goal.