Wednesday, October 14, 2009

98. Take bags to the grocery store 50 times

After over a year of grocery shopping, I have finally attained this goal. I originally put this on as I find myself going to the store multiple times each week and found myself bringing in scores of bags each week. I knew something needed to change. I got myself a couple of recyclable bags and have greatly reduced the number of plastic Jewel/Osco bags that have made it into the house. I guess that for one of those bags, I save two or three plastic bags. They can just hold so much more.
While it is a little bit of a hassle bringing in bags with you each time going to the store, it turns out not to be too bad. I have actually started keeping my coupons inside the bags. That ensures that: 1) I always remember to bring my bags, and 2) I ususally have the coupons I want with me each time that I go to the store. Now if I only knew how many dollars of coupons have been used over the past year...
Now that the goal is over, I'm not stopping. I go to Jewel too often to keep adding up the bags again. I went tonight, and I will most likely go again tomorrow. They're giving away quite a few things over the next week. Time to restock our cereal stockpile and quite a few other free or almost free things. Another goal down!


Mom said...

Thanks for helping to make a little less garbage in our world. How did you keep track of the 50 times? I wish we had a Jewel so I could save the kind of money that you do! Oh, so proud of you, EP!!

Eric Weis said...

Every time I went to the store, I would log on to my list of goals and update the number.
Jewel is great, and there are plenty of other stores out there that have similar types of deals.