Monday, October 5, 2009

39. Standardized Minds

I finished another book that I needed to read for class. It is about standardized testing and all that is wrong with it. It is something that is partially interesting to educators and that there are few others that really care for it. 300+ pages in small single spaced font, really thrilling stuff! I am putting this book into the "read for fun" section, not because it was a fun book, but because it was so long and took up so much time to read that I needed it to count for something so that is where I put it.
I'm in the midst of writing an analysis of it. It's going to be the kind of paper that only my professor and my mom would show any interest in reading (thanks for your constant support mom!). The paper is due tomorrow. It will probably be near 10 pages. I am at 5 now. I've got some work to do.


Matt Weis said...

Good job, Eric. You're going to do great. If you need help with tweaking the line and font spacing to make it to 10 pages, let me know.

Mom said...

You are taking on phenomenal tasks right now. I hope it is not too much for you. Although I know if anyone can do so much, it's you. I truly would like to read your analysis of standardized testing. Please attach it to an email when you're finished. Really!!!

Eric Weis said...

Yeah, unfortunately there are guidelines for font size and margins. It turned out alright.
Mom, thanks for the vote of confidence, and no, you don't want to read my analysis. Heck, I'm not even enjoying proof reading it.
Boring stuff.

Mom said...

YES! I do want to read it!!!! Not because I'm your mother, but because I'm interested in the point of view the book gave. I've long felt standardized tests are a waste of time, and I'd like to get your perspective from the book. Please send it to me! (I love you!)