Sunday, February 21, 2010

99. Get a new address book and update it

This is one of those goals that really didn't need to have a post to show that it was completed.  There's nothing more boring that blogging about getting a new address book, but I hadn't blogged in a week so here you go.

Address books are a thing of the past.  It used to be cheaper to send a letter to someone across the country than it was to give them a call.  Now it seems that long distance calls only relate to calls that are out of the country.  Phone calls are cheap, or even free depending on the phone plan. Email is the easiest and most efficient mode of written communication.  It just seems that knowing someone's address only really matters when you need to actually go to their house...or send them a Christmas card.  That was the basis for me putting this goal on the list.  It always seemed that we were tracking down addresses every year that we didn't have.  Our address book, which Melissa had from before we got married had updated updates in it with scribbles all over. It seemed to me that we were in need of an updated book.  Last week Melissa and I headed over to Borders and picked out this book:

I have to say, this goal really had little to do with me except for me having the idea.  Melissa did all the work.  She picked it out, and she asked me nicely if she could be the one to write all of the addresses into the new book.  She didn't say it explicitly, but I think it had something to do with my handwriting being a little sloppy for her standards.  I didn't take the time to point out to her that I had already accomplished a handwriting goal. It was easier to just say ok and let her do all the work. Honestly, she does have much better handwriting.

It is nice to say we are new proud owners of an up to date address book!  Exciting? No, but it will make the next time we need to send a package of cash to a frie much more efficient.


melissa said...

Now we really just need to get them updated electronically:)

Mom said...

You're right about only needing an address book once a year. My address book has so many cross outs that you can't read most of them. I think some of the people in it are dead too!!!!!