Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Today has been filled with delicious meals.  This morning Melissa decided to do eggs in a hole with a heart as the hole.  The girls loved them!

Melissa was smart enough to save the holes and made heart shaped grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

For dinner was our traditional Valentines dinner that Melissa and I started eight years ago (last year I said 6, but I noticed that I miscalculated).  Back when we were dating and I lived in Volkman Hall at Judson I made Melissa dinner.  I stopped by Dominick's and picked up food to cooked my very first steak dinner.  Along with the steak I bought a can of corn, a box of instant potatoes, a package of Hawaiian rolls and a brownie to share.  This is the dinner that I have prepared eight years in a row.  I went back to boxed potatoes this year because it is tradition.  In our minds real potatoes are so much better than ones that come from a box.  Here's a before picture of the meal followed by an after shot with a view of what I see many evenings at the dinner table.
This dinner could definitely be spiced up a lot, but the tradition of seasoning steak with only salt and pepper, boxed mashed potatoes, can from the corn and always the same rolls is what we do each year and hopefully what we will do for years to come.

I gave blood yesterday and also cooked burgers for dinner last night.  I'm counting down dinners needed to cook!

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Mom said...

It looks like yesterday was the day I was supposed to visit!!!! I love you all!