Tuesday, April 6, 2010

78. Duathlon

No, I didn't sign up for another race.  Yesterday I rode my bike to and from school and really enjoyed it!  It was a great way to start the morning and a great way to finish the day.  The four mile ride took me 22 minutes to get there and 16:53 to get home.  There are definitely different factors going in the morning and coming home.  It takes more time going there because there is a lot more traffic and it is slightly up hill most of the way.  On the way home there are way fewer cars and you can put it into high gear most of the way.  I told my students about it this morning and they though I should try to get under 15 minutes.  Lofty, but I will give it a try.

When I got home I needed to head over to the hardware store to pick something up so I put the girls into the stroller and jogged my way over there.  I have never gone from heavy riding to jogging before and now have an idea of what it feels like from how Matt has described it before.  I felt like C3PO going along.  My legs didn't bend right and it just felt weird.  After a couple of blocks I worked it out, but the transfer from riding to running was definitely not graceful!

This was the 4th trip to school on my bike.  I am definitely enjoying this goal and plan to continue on far beyond the 10 times that I put down as a goal.

Thanks everyone for reading this post and the many others that I have written.  You are all the ones that keep me motivated to get this list done.  Life is really crazy now, but doing these goals and adventures are what keep me having fun.


Mom said...

Including your family and your class in accomplishing your goals certainly must help you! You knew ahead of time that you would have to have your class outside when you told them the "20 baskets in a row" achievement. That must give you encouragement to keep on keeping on. Hannah and Maddie must have been excited knowing they were having a fun ride and helping their wonderful daddy reach another goal! You're awesome, Eric!

Brad and Laura said...

Brad's getting his bike ready so he can start biking to work again too. He has a really short bike ride though- about a mile... so he bikes to work, home for lunch, back to work, adn home again.

Matt Weis said...

Let's go for a bike ride!