Thursday, April 22, 2010

What to write about

I get onto this blog every day thinking what can I write about. It is so boring looking at the same thing over and over again. I look over my goals and think about what things I can do to get each one done so I can have something to write.  The months of December through March were crazy.  I was writing every third or fourth day.  April has been much less impressive.  This is my third post and it really isn't anything special.  I have completed no goals. 
I have gotten closer to finishing my biking goal. Three times left. My best time making it from school to home is 15 minutes and 20 seconds.  I have really enjoyed this one.  I will definitely continue doing riding after I complete this goal.  I'm liking it so much, I'm hoping to find a bike trailer to take the girls around to different places.  Melissa has been really diligent looking for a good deal on one and I am very appreciative for that!
I'm reading a few chapters out of the Bible every day.  I'm in the middle of Proverbs and Isaiah right now.  After I finish Jeremiah and Ezekiel, I am really going to be close to getting through the whole Bible. I've never gone cover to cover and have really enjoyed making my way through it.
I have learned that the girls really like the library. They love to pick books off the shelf and are really excited when we get home and get to read the books they pick out.  We're working on teaching them to not grab every book off the shelf.  They did great last time we were there. I have also learned that if you check 7 books out and are 8 days over due it will cost you $7.35.  Ouch!
I am much closer to finishing my goal on making dinners for the family. I haven't been super aggressive with that one because I enjoy Melissa's cooking so much!  She makes the most incredible grilled cheese sanwiches and macaroni and cheese. She makes great adult dinners too!
I've got two more weeks of class and a ton to do between now and then.  I probably won't have any completed goals between now and then, but maybe something special will come up.  After my class is done, I have a lot of ideas for things to do and goals to finish.  It should be fun!

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Mom said...

Thanks for the new post, Eric! I love reading about you!