Thursday, June 24, 2010

86. EDU 8160 Clinical Supervision and Teacher Development

I finished up two grueling weeks of course work today. In this course I read three entire books and countless articles.  In the last two weeks I stayed up past 1:00 am 5 times.  Last night I finally went to bed at 2:30 after finishing up a powerpoint presentation that I had to complete for my final presentation today.  It went well and I am very happy to be done with it.  5th class of 14 down for the program!
I'm using this class as a wildcard for getting a piano.  We just don't have space in the house for one.  It's not for lack of desire or options, we just are packed into out house with no really good options for where we could put one.
Another goal down!

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Mom said...

Congratulations, Eric! You must be really relieved to have accomplished that. Classes are hard all by themselves without adding in all the other things you do! I love you!