Friday, September 10, 2010

97. Create a will

It's done!
This one definitely fits into the category of goals I wrote down for things that should be done but have never been motivated to actually do.  Nothing flashy with this one.
I have a good friend from growing up that is a lawyer who said he could write it up.  It turned out to really not to be a big deal at all.  A couple visits and a couple emails and it is done.

Here's a picture of us sealing the deal.  Actually it is a picture of us in the parking lot after playing a round of golf, but it's all I've got.  Matt came down to enjoy the festivities as well.  It was nice to get together again as we were pretty close grade school through high school. 

I can now officially die with legal paperwork in order to help make legal things easier when I am gone!


Latharia said...

That's an awesome item! Congrats on getting it done! We'll need to put that on our next 101 list!!!

J-Rev said...

smart move