Tuesday, February 22, 2011

16. Learn how to freestyle swim well enough to do at least 4 laps in the pool

This was written back on Tuesday and finished today.  I didn't feel like going through and changing the tenses.

Today was a wonderful day to swim. It is a good feeling to be swimming inside and look out the windows to see it snowing outside. I'd rather it be nice and warm outside, but that time will come.  Until then, we had fun. Melissa wrote today about our family's trip to the pool.
During our trip the kids had a lot of nervous excitement.  While they enjoyed the idea that they were "swimming," they never let Melissa and me get too far away from them.  Thus, not too much freedom to do anything other than just be close to the kids.  Not a complaint! Just a comment.
I was able to go to the pool about an hour and a half before the family arrived to try to get some lap swimming in before they came.  My goal is to learn to freestyle swim so it looks as though I am coordinated in the pool.  Side strokes are alright, but almost anyone can do that.  I want to be able to efficiently get through the water.  In my hour swimming I swam about 50 lengths of the pool.  I had a couple of times where I was working on my breathing and stroke for the freestyle, but my endurance isn't built up to the level it needs to be. 
I did get the confidence to get me back there.  I definitely boosted my self confidence in knowing that it is something I think I can accomplish in the next few months (I have under 3 months left until my 1001 days is up!).


Mom said...

Eric, you are very well-respected because of your discipline to accomplish those goals! Keep it up! Love......

melissa said...

Thanks for the respect Mom.

Eric Weis said...

Previous comment is from Eric.