Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7. Invite someone to church

Finances, Religion and Politics.  Those are three things that don't often go well as conversation starters if you don't know where the person you are talking with is coming from.  It is hard being a Christian in a secular world.  Inviting someone to church is a lot harder than I originally thought.  I knew it would be different.  It hasn't been something that I have done before.  I have seen some people at church bring friends along with them very comfortably, but I just never got up the opportunity nerve to do it myself.  Until Yesterday...

I was in the lunch room there was a teacher discussing not being comfortable with the church that she attends and that she was looking for a place that she would feel comfortable in.  I listened in for awhile (That's about all a guy can do in a teacher's lounge where there are usually over ten women and normally only one guy) and found that what she was interested in resembled the atmosphere of our church.  I decided to end my silence and mentioned that our church might be the type of place that she would fit the needs that she was looking for.  I described the atmosphere and did my best to let her know that she would be welcomed at our church. It was nothing earth shattering, just an invite.

I have no idea if my invite will be used.  I do know that it took me a few minutes to get up the nerve to even bring up the invitation.  What is wrong with me?  The Great Commision tells Christians to go out and spread the word.  I struggle even bringing up attending a church, to someone who is looking for a church!

I believe I have satisfied the requirements for this goal to be done, but I am more happy that I have had the experience and this post to help internalize my issues with sharing my faith.  Songs like "Not Ashamed" should feel more like a way to live than just sounding like a cool popular song.

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Mom said...

What you did is extremely hard to do, especially at work. It is easier if the other people are talking about God or church. Good for you, Eric. God will honor your effort.