Friday, September 16, 2011

38. Find a new doctor and get a physical

I got a physical yesterday. It wasn't the best day to do it for me health wise.  I opened a box of kleenex in the morning and threw the box away before lunch time because it was empty.  My allergies were out of control.  I also had a headache. As I say, it wasn't the best day to get checked out.
Unfortunately the physical wasn't a very good one.  My appointment was at 4:20 but I didn't see the doctor until 5:05. I sat in a room by myself waiting for most of that time. 

I read everything in that room.  I read the posters twice.  I was so bored!

When I finally met with the doctor we talked mostly about my headaches and my allergies and he seemed to think they were pretty closely linked.  He may be right.  I'm hoping that my new routine with medicines will do the trick.  He also gave me a prescription for a steriod that might help too.  I sure hope so.  These last three weeks have been rough. I am really wanting to find out what I need to do to have a regular day without having to consult more medications and endless kleenex.  Hopefully this does the trick.
While it wasn't the most thorough of physicals, it was still a physical.
16 goals down!


Mom said...

What did you learn from the posters? I am so sorry you suffer with allergies, EP. I have much milder reactions than you do, so I can understand misery on a smaller scale. Hopefully, the new meds will help! I love you!

Eric Weis said...

Those posters just told me to eat well and exercise. That's the summary at least.
My allergies have been better over the last few days. Hopefully this continues.