Sunday, September 11, 2011

45. Host a movie night outside

After thinking about doing this for awhile we finally got around to having friends over for a movie night last night. 

We made popcorn.

Melissa did a great job setting everything up.

The kids enjoyed playing on the swing set as we waited for it to get dark.  I climbed up 20 ft. on the tree to hang a light.  It lights up the swing set perfectly. 

The kids enjoyed it so much. We watched Toy Story 3. They are already asking when we are going to do it again.  I had such a great time.  I want to do it again soon too.

 I built a frame on one of our fences and used a canvas drop cloth as our screen. I don't know what the diagonal measurement but it was about 8 feet wide by about 6 feet high. It worked out well.

I'm ready to do it again. Maybe October 10th or 16th to watch the Chicago Bears' night games.  We shall see...

15 goals down!


Mom said...

It's like you're going back to the old drive-in movies (which you probably don't remember!)What a fun thing to do!

Eric Weis said...

It felt like a drive in as well.