Tuesday, December 20, 2011

49. Read 10 books for fun

Who knew this one would go so fast.  When I wrote my first list I would have thought reading 10 books was a completely unreachable goal.  Now, I am enjoying reading.
You can see what I have read in this post.  I haven't been doing a book report for each book I read.  I just keep tabs on the left of the blog and then update the post. Besides my mom I know no one is really interested to have an updated book review on each book I finish.  Enjoy!

21 goals down!


Mom said...

I am very glad you developed a love for reading, EP! I think you've discovered that once you start (if it's a good book) it's hard to put down! Also, if you read Hunger Games, you'll have to read Catching Fire and Mockingjay too!

melissa said...

Hunger Games really was a good book. I have Catching Fire on my night stand right now ready to go after I finish the books I am on right now.