Monday, December 5, 2011

10. Write Charlie a song

Tonight I got to sing Charlie his new song. Just about every night we sing with the kids and we end the singing with the songs that I wrote for Hannah and Maddie.  Charlie loves to sing those songs to the girls.  He truly loves them!  Sometimes we will hear Charlie singing those songs over the monitor.  I didn't want to write him a song right away because in order to write a song like this I needed to learn his personality more.  I started writing this about 5 weeks ago and tried on and off.  Finally it is finished.

This song is just like the girls' song as it is to the tune of the ABC song.

Charlie, Charlie, you funny boy
Your thoughtful caring ways we enjoy
Trucks and balls you could play all day
Your big blue eyes light up your face
You tease and joke and love to play
You make us laugh throughout the day

Charlie was excited.  I say give it a week or two and all three kids will have it down.

20 goals down!

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Mom said...

Another wonderful idea for showing the kiddies how much they are loved. I don't think it will take a whole week. When Charlie isn't talking, he's singing. Love to you all!