Tuesday, March 6, 2012

104. Get Rid of Our Home Landline

Awhile back we got rid of cable TV.  That has been going pretty well.  We use Netflix and Hulu for just about everything that we watch on TV.  The antenna in our attic works great. I do miss ESPN, but I get enough sports online to make up for it.  Plus saving around $35 a month helps to make it a little easier too.
The other day I was reading a blog post about getting a free phone line with free calling.  Melissa and I have talked about when we move we will most likely get rid of our land line. After investigating about the legitimacy of the blog post I found that there are a lot of people who are very fond of the OBi110 system used with GoogleVoice.  When using Google Voice you get a phone number for free (at least until 2013). I ordered the OBi on Saturday night from Amazon and had it at the house on Monday afternoon. All I had to do is plug the OBi110 system into our modem then run a line to our cordless phone base.  We now have a working phone that will call anywhere in the USA for free.  The only number it won't let us call is 911.  This is kind of a big deal but since we had talked about getting rid of our land line later this was a hurdle we were going to have to come to at some point.
The setup was really easy.  I used the directions given here and had a working phone in about 15 minutes.
So far (2 days in) there really haven't been any issues with phone quality.  It is great to now have the freedom to shop around for only an internet service provider rather than a bundle of phone + internet + TV. We did have to get a new phone number, but at a savings of about $25 a month I think we can do a little leg work to let everyone know that they need to change our phone number.


Mom said...

Thanks for sharing your new phone number with me! :) I really respect how you and Melissa are making changes to save some more money. I love you all!

Stacey Beck said...

I just got rid of my home landline and just use my bell - westbrook mall kiosk cell phone. I don't even notice a difference! Couldn't agree more with everything you said.