Saturday, March 3, 2012

68. Watch 5 movies that I watched growing up

I have been keeping track of my progress here. I have enjoyed seeing some of the movies from the past.  It has been fun to go into the library and pick something out from years ago.  I am definitely going to keep searching out more movies to watch.  Some have been awful while others have been fun to see again.

1. Harry and the Hendersons - Two moments that I remembered from the movie that never let me down:
"Shoot it!"  Reply - "It's dead."  "Shoot it anyway!"
Harry sticking his head out the window making a siren noise to get traffic to move.
This is a good movie, and it was fun to watch, but it is probably best left in 1987.
2. Last Action Hero
3. Surf Ninjas
4. Honey, I Blew up the Kid! - We're headed to Las Vegas in a few weeks and I wanted to watch a few movies that were filmed there.  This is one I watched a lot growing up. First reason, I liked the first movie in the series.  Second reason, Keri Russell.  Third reason, we watched a lot of movies in the early 90s. This just happened to be one of them.
5. Toby Tyler - All I remembered from the movie was that it had something to do with the circus and Toby riding on a horse. I watched it quite a few times. growing up. I am pretty sure we watched it (and taped it) after seeing it on Sunday night's Disney Sunday Movie.
 I was a big fan of the Disney Sunday Movie growing up.  I remember watching the opening credits:

I always remember when I would watch the credits I would try to see how many of the movies that were included that I had seen.  I looked forward to that movie each week.
After the opening Michael Eisner would introduce the movie.  I think I remember him usually walking along a beach talking about the movie.  Same scene every week.
Just writing this it brings me back to a time that I happily remember. Between the Disney Sunday Movie and TGIF that was some great memorable programming.

30 goals down!

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