Thursday, June 28, 2012

106. Learn how to braid hair

Now that we have three little girls, I need to learn how to do their hair in the morning.  Getting out of the house to church on Sunday mornings is difficult enough without having to do their hair, but since Melissa is the only one that is the resident "expert" I haven't been able to really do it on those mornings.  Because of that I have been trying to get better at doing their hair to help relieve some of the pressure on Melissa in the morning.
The challenge that I had a year ago was to figure out how to just put the girls' hair up in a pony tail.  Now that I have that down I have ventured into trying to braid hair.  Here are my results:

My next thing to get down is parting their hair more efficiently.  Baby steps...

While this wasn't a goal, I consider it an accomplishment considering where I came from.

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Mom said...

What a beautiful little girl! You did a great job, Eric! How long did that take you??