Friday, September 7, 2012

11. Take the kids out on the canoe

Mike came over today and we took the canoe out.  First I had to do some repairs.  I had some pretty big cracks and holes that needed repairing.  I was going to do a post on repairing the canoe, but I realized that what I was doing was really not the way that it was supposed to be done, so I didn't do it.  Instead, here are some pictures of how bad it looked.

This is about what you could expect out of a 35 year old fiberglass canoe. The outer surface is really chipping away.

Pieces flaking off.

Loading up the car was easy with Maddie's help!


Charlie helped too.

Heading down to the river.

Ready to go.

While waiting Charlie wanted to throw rocks.  I couldn't resist the urge either and skipped a few rocks too.

Here we go.

Aside from when this picture was taken, Charlie had a good time.
A view from the river of the new concert theater being built.
I love Hannah's face in this picture.

Lucy hung out with Melissa on the shore as we went out.  I'm sure it was pretty boring for them.

Pretty big sweat marks from the life vest.

Hopefully we can do this again because the kids really did have fun out there.  Hannah and Charlie's favorite part was scaring the geese and Maddie's was seeing a pumpkin floating in the water.  Fun stuff indeed.

39 goals down!

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Mom said...

I loved looking at all of the pictures, but when Lucy came up I laughed out loud. She's so CUTE!!!! Will you take me for a canoe ride sometime? It does look like fun! Love to all.....