Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Oliver! > Oliver Twist

Back when Melissa was still pregnant we had our girl name picked out (Lucy or Audrey) and our boy name (Oliver).  I started to read Oliver Twist.  That was back in March.  It is September and I just finished the book this week. The story line from the movie is there, but man is that book wordy. That was why I really struggled to get through it.

Last week I watched the movie Oliver! which is based on the book.  When people use the line that the book is better than the movie I usually agree.  Books tell stories a lot better, but the book just dragged on way too much.

A couple more classic novels and I will be done with that goal.

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Mom said...

Olde English is hard to read. I read that book so long ago (certainly before you or Matt were around), I really don't remember much!
A couple years ago I read and "updated" Pride and Prejudice. The editor took out all of the old words and phrasings and it was horrible. Some old stuff is better. I love you, EP!