Sunday, January 27, 2008

About me

I am planning on writing my daily journal of what I do in preparation for my marathon. As I was doing my run today, I decided that it would be cool to have a written document of what I go through each day getting ready for the big day. First, let me tell you a little about myself.
I am a 26 year old married man. My wife's name is Melissa. I have twin girls named Hannah and Madeline that were born in October 2007. I teach 5th grade and I love my class. Life is really crazy right now with the twins but I need to have something to get away. That's why training for a marathon is something I want to do to have something different.
I know, there are tons of other things that I could do to get away, but I only can commit time when the girls aren't awake. That leaves me with the time I have before I go to school each day.
Rob is my friend from school that asked me to run a marathon with him and I am excited about it. After talking with Rob today I think we are going to run the Sunburst Marathon in Fort Wayne, IN. It sounds like a cool finish running to the 50 yard line at the stadium in Notre Dame.
Running stinks! It's boring, it's lonely, it makes my body hurt, I have to get up in the morning much earlier than I want to, but in the end, it's good for me and I want to commit to this goal. I know running will help keep my health up. Matt did a great job showing me that last year getting me to commit to running the half marathon.
Thanks Matt for getting me interested in running. I would definitely not be doing this without you.

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