Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Why do I even cook?

I came home today to a kitchen that was a complete disaster! The word disaster was what Melissa used. Honestly, I didn't see it as that bad. The reward for that "disaster", a beautiful assortment of Christmas cookies. Melissa said that she had been in the kitchen all day and had been snacking on sweets for a good portion of that time. She asked me what I wanted for dinner and I didn't have much of an answer. Really, I would have just been happy with cookies for a meal, but I know that wouldn't have been an acceptable answer. She found a recipe for a Monte Cristo sandwich that looked absolutely delicious in the magazine. I told her that it looked awesome and she should cook that. Lucky for me, she wanted it too so she was ok with making it. She told me not to get my hopes up about the picture because hers wouldn't look as good. After a quick trip to the store to get a few supplies for the sandwiches Melissa began to put it together. It looked as good as what the picture did, and tasted just as you would expect...delicious! I told her she could put it into the regular rotation of meals. I'm hoping that she does.


Mom said...

You just keep right on cooking, Eric. Even great cooks, like Melissa, need a break once in awhile. Where were the little girls this whole time? Probably underfoot, so delicious cookies and a "cooked" dinner really are an amazing feat. You married a winner, as I'm sure you know.

J-Rev said...

cookies are a great meal.

Mike Moore said...

Have you tried Melissa's peanut butter and banana sandwich? It's amazing!