Sunday, April 19, 2009

61. Visit Every Park in Aurora

Yesterday was beautiful! It was the first weekend day that we couldn't miss being outside for. Melissa and I took the girls to Phillip's Park. It is a great place for any family to go on a nice weekend. It has a great playground and a zoo that is free to visit. We finished it off with a nice lunch under the pavilion. It was a good afternoon. Here are a few photos from our trip.
Madeline didn't like the swings. She was very quick to say, "All Dumb" (All Done) when she started swinging.

The peacocks had their feathers up. It was really cool.
This is in the reptile house at Phillip's Park. I had never been in there. It was really neat in there. I want to check it out next time we go there.

One park down. There's probably only one more that I would go to with the family. After that (or maybe before), Matt and I are planning a bike tour of Aurora to visit the rest of them.


Mom said...

Nice family day! There are probably some parks that you should just drive by!

J-Rev said...

Parks are the best