Monday, April 27, 2009

78. Ride my bike to work ten times

It has begun. The weather is finally nice enough to get out and ride. I rode my bike to school on Friday last week. I had some motivation in that I had to drop the van off at the mechanic in the morning. I figured that rather than inconvenience people to pick me up, I would just throw my bike in the back and use that to get me to school. It worked perfectly. (Well, the plan did, my bike needs a few adjustments in the gears. Hopefully I will get that figured out soon.) It felt good to have a nice morning and afternoon workout on the bike. This is a goal that is definitely achievable by the end of this school year. I am going to have to pick my days wisely, but I think it will be done by the first week of June.


Matt Weis said...

Way to go... I wish I could ride my bike to work!

Eric said...

I'd like to see you try it for a day! You could put all of your samples in your Burle.

Mom said...

Of course, I need to say, "Be careful!!!!!" I could ride my bike to school on W,Th, and Fri, but it's less than a mile and it's all uphill. I do think I'll be walking as soon as the weather stops changing from nice to rainy during the day, though. M, Tu I would have to go through the worst (most dangerous) neighborhood in town. (I won't be doing that!) I love you!