Sunday, April 5, 2009


Matt and I have been talking about my goals. They need some adjustment. I am working really hard to check them off, but making very slow progress. This post is to officially make some changes to my goals. It is not unprecedented. Matt did it a while ago, and it was a good thing to do. I am following his lead to make some changes. In doing this, I will have some goals that will be attainable sooner, rather than completing 15 goals in the last month of my time. It is just nice to be able to check off some goals sooner. I have tried to make sure if I eliminate a goal, it will be replaced by a new goal in the same category. Here we go:

#17 Stay under 170 pounds. This one is a good goal, but it can't be checked off until the last of my 1001 days. While the thing I am changing it to isn't totally in the "physical category," it's close enough. Lately, I have been working really hard to learn how to solve a rubik's cube. I've done it a few times, but only with the help of looking at a cheat sheet to show me the moves needed to solve the cube. I want to be able to do it on my own, without any outside help. This is kind of a lame goal, but it is something I think would be pretty cool to be able to do. New goal: Solve a Rubik's cube in less than 5 minutes.

#18 Make a nice dinner one time each month. I have started to like cooking a lot more than I used to. I've discovered grilling and have learned that after some practice, it is pretty easy to just "throw" a meal together. To make this goal be completed sooner, I'm going to give myself 25 more meals to make. I will start at zero meals and go from there. New goal: Make 25 meals for the family.

#22 Eat fruits and vegetables every day. Silly goal. It's important to do, but not something that is fun or easy to check off. There are a few veggies and fruits that I have wanted to try, but never ventured out and tasted. I did this a couple of years ago with my class at school and liked trying new things. Some of them (clementines) have become favorites of mine. We'll see if I discover some new tastes for the future. New goal: Eat 5 new fruits or vegetables and learn how to prepare them.

41. Tell each member of my family that I love them everyday. This should be happening without having to write it down. Melissa came up with the new goal. I think it is a good one. New goal: Take Melissa on two surprise dates

#69 Take vitamins every day. Silly goal. I should already be doing this. I am going to follow Matt's lead again and find a book to read about proper nutrition. I would hope to find a book that shares things about different "super foods" and things that are good or important to eat to help with a balanced diet. Somewhere in there the book might also tell me what some of the vitamins that I take are for. I think knowing the importance of them would help to make taking them be that much more important in my mind. New goal: Read a book about nutrition that would help me understand food and vitamins better

Those are the alterations. I think they keep with the integrity of the goals. Hopefully they help get some things done sooner. We'll see.


Mom said...

One thing I like about some of your goals is that you can just do them. They don't necessarily take any more talent than you already have. And then there are the others that will take oh, so much work and talent to do! I'm so very proud of you, Eric. Just the setting of goals is to be commended!

J-Rev said...

Good adjustments eric