Tuesday, September 22, 2009

37. J.P. Guilford

This past Saturday I gave my first presentation for class. I gave it on psychologist J.P. Guilford. I did not read one whole book, but I did read from many sources and learned quite a lot about him. The original purpose of the goal was for me to learn more about different people. And to get some reading in, and I think I did that with my time that I put into the assignment.
Basically, J.P. Guilford was the guy that came before Howard Gardner of Multiple Intelligence fame. His research was what Gardner used to help develop his findings about different intelligence levels. I know, nothing too interesting.
I am thinking that I might have to find ways to work in ways to make class assignments transfer into this list of goals. I still think it works.


Matt Weis said...

Goal Completion Committee says... Approved!

Mom said...

It's good to hear from you again, Eric. I know you are very busy with all the hats you are wearing! I love you!

J-Rev said...

you are my hero