Friday, August 13, 2010

9. Learn the lyrics and chords for 8 praise and worship songs

Not much to say about this one.  I've been around praise songs all of my life.  Many of the songs that I looked at while I was searching for songs to learn have been part of my life as long as the ABC song.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

I enjoyed sitting in front of the computer with the guitar reliving many of the songs from camp, including The Building Block, which was I remember being played from when I was 5 all the way through high school.

Here are a few beauties of the girls when they were younger from the archives.

I used to play a lot to the girls when they were really young.  I still play to them each night when Melissa and I sing their songs to them.

Charlie was hilarious taking this picture.  He kept looking at me then back at Melissa with this big smile.

This morning Charlie really liked hearing me practice.  When the girls were young I played to them a lot.  Charlie hasn't gotten the same treatment.  It was nice to see his reaction to the music.
I kept track of the songs on the list here to be able to go back to when I needed to practice.  I don't have them all completely memorized, but I have them down good enough that just a quick look at the song and I have it all down.  I'd say it is good enough to be able to count this goal done!

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Mom said...

I am very glad that your babies are benefitting from the music you grew up on, Eric. It was very nice to use the links to remember that "old" music we sang at camp. Thanks! I love you very much!