Thursday, March 11, 2010

52. Write Madeline a song

Photo by Lori
I don't know why I have taken so long to do this goal.  The idea of writing Hannah and Madeline songs was one that I got after listening to Melissa's dad Chuck sing a song that he had made up when Melissa was young. I always liked that he did that for her and that he still "sings" it from time to time.

The girls both love to sing songs.  Every night before they go to bed we sing "Good night God" to them (Another special song from Melissa's family).  When we are done with that one they often ask and even beg for us to sing more songs.  I'm sure it is to delay having to go to bed, but they both love to sing along with each song we sing. 

This morning while teaching I had the ABC song in my head (It's definitely the girls' favorite) and began thinking of alternate words.  I grabbed a note pad and started writing it down.  Each line seemed to work together and I came up with this:

"Maddie Maddie you're so sweet,
You always find a way to please.
Your smiling face, your precious eyes,
The way you work and help and try.
I love to watch you learn and grow,
And show us just how much you know."

I know its not Grammy material, but hopefully it is a song that I can sing to her often that she can appreciate in the years to come.  Maybe I will still be singing it to her in 25 years!

I'm going to work on Hannah's song next.  Hopefully something comes to me as easy as this one did.