Saturday, July 2, 2011

75. Build deck on upstairs porch

We have a deck outside of Charlie's room that has had a ton of potential, but we have never made the efforts to upgrade it into usable space.

Here is what it looked like before:
Do not let the railing upstairs deceive you. There is nothing worthwhile up there.  All there was up there was a 15 inch step down to "floor." The railing was put up by the previous owners in the weeks before listing the house in an effort to make it look like it is usable space.  It isn't usable at all.  The roof is slanted and the railing was barely 2 feet high.

My dad came over and was an incredibly huge help in getting everything started and getting it on the right track.  He had some great ideas for how to get things leveled off on the slanted roof. The thing that was not going in our favor is that my Dad is an expert in making heavy furniture.  That was not what we needed for this project. We made a lot of progress last weekend with only the railing and about half of the flooring to get screwed down.  My Dad was a huge help!

Dad doing what he is best at.

Leveling the frame

Charlie eager to help out

Two guys enjoying working together

This project took just less than a week to get finished.  That is a record for me on a project of this size. Between taking classes and the deck being right outside of Charlie's room, it was tough to find the time to get it all finished up.

Three little kids happy to play on their new deck

Finished product!
This is something that should have been done years ago.  It is so great to have this space.

7 goals done!


melissa said...

Thanks for doing this! It's so great to have another "room" to our house!!!

Mom said...

The pictures look wonderful! I can't wait to see it in person!

Matt said...