Friday, July 22, 2011

77. Volunteer with an organization in Aurora

Last night Melissa and I had a chance to go over to Hesed House to help with dinner.  Hesed House is a homeless shelter that provides meals and "beds" for the homeless of Aurora.  Our church has one night a month to serve and friends of ours have been going there for awhile and encouraged us to go and help.
When we got there we helped prepare dinner. We cut a bunch of veggies and ran food back and forth to the serving line. 

As dinner was being served I was up in the men's dormatory to help check people in and show them their beds for the night.  The room that the men slept in was a big open room that had nothing but small matresses on the floor.  For the beds, imagine matresses that are on beds at a campground then go one step below that. There wasn't much padding in them. There were 90 beds on the floor.  I was amazed that many guys just came in, got their bedding and went to sleep. It was 7:45 at night but I guess after a long day of wandering around town laying in a bed in front of a fan could be what they had been thinking about the entire day.  The men were very meticulous about their beds.  They tucked everything in and made everything look as neat and clean as we would at home when company is coming over.  This was their space and they were proud of it.

I had a good time.  My eyes were opened.  I drive by Hesed House often, but have never been inside the doors.  There are some crazy people in there, but for the most part it is a big group of people that are looking for a break and are struggling to figure out how to manage their lives.  I definitely want to go back and help again. Thanks Mom for watching the kids so we could go out.

10 goals down!

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Mom said...

You are very welcome, Eric! I loved being there. Thank you for serving others.