Tuesday, January 17, 2012

20. Go Curling

I had the opportunity to go curling a little over a week ago with a bunch of friends from church.  My friend Tyler organized everything and did a fantastic job! Between organizing with the venue, the food, and putting teams and a schedule together I am sure it was quite a bit of work.

Curling is a sport that is a sensation about once every four years when the Olympics come around.  I caught on to the craze two years ago and have been interested in trying it ever since. 

Here is a view down on of the "sheets" or lanes as I would have called them before.  It is amazing how far the 42 pound stones can go with just an easy slide.

 Here are a few games in action.

I only added the picture below to point out the little white thing in my hand.  Instead of wearing the special shoes that they have for curling we just put our foot over the plastic piece and we were able to glide fairly easily.

The form and face of a true amateur!

Our team. Me, Andy, Ryan and Jay.  We had the hearts of champions, but we just couldn't play like them.  Maybe next time.

Fantastic time all around.  Great fun, great food, great memories. Hopefully we will do it again!

25 goals down!

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