Thursday, January 5, 2012

70. Tuck point the front of the house where needed

Just to show my excitement for getting this one done...I finished this one about 3 months ago.
This is one of those goals that I wrote down only because I didn't have much motivation to do it.  Tuckpointing is basically taking the loose concrete/mortar out from between the stones and putting new stuff in.  The reason I put this on my list was because we found a hole last year where some mice were getting in. Steel wool filled the cracks back then, but we needed something more permanent. Here are some pictures from the job.

You can see the spots that I have cleared the mortar down toward the lower parts.


It was so bad on that corner that I had to remove everything in order to set the rock right.

Hannah was the photographer for the day.

Hannah thought that I needed to include a picture of the mortar.

Exciting stuff huh!

23 goals down!

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Mom said...

Great job, Hannah and Eric! I'll look more closely at that area of the house next time I visit. Love, love, love you!