Wednesday, January 9, 2013

63. Watch all 6 Star Wars movies

Over my Christmas break I was finally able to finish up this series.  I started it this summer and had hoped to watch all 6 movies outside on our patio, but that only lasted for the first (fourth) episode.

My brother Matt was nice enough to lend me all the movies as well as to give me the advice to watch the original 3 movies before watching the next 3.  That made a lot more sense to do it that way because the newer movies answer a lot of the questions that come up in the original 3.

I put this goal onto my list because I knew I hadn't seen all of the movies.  After watching them I realized that I had no recolection about anything from any of the movies.  Yes, I did know many of the characters, but that was about it.  I was really glad that I watched the first episode with my friend Jay so he could help explain a few things for me.  That helped out a lot.

Next series...Lord of the Rings (thanks for those Matt!).

47 goals down!


Mom said...

You're not watching on the big screen anymore?! Keep working on those goals. I'm very proud of you.

Eric Weis said...

Sorry Mom, it is a little bit too cold to be out there for a whole movie.