Friday, February 8, 2013

40. Go without high sugar foods for a month

I just finished one month of eating no candy, no chocolate, no cookies, no ice cream and drinking no pop.  This was no easy challenge.  With an evening ritual that usually includes ice cream and/or another snack and a workplace that is always flowing with available snacks, it was tough making the change.

During this past month it has been difficult passing up on cookies and snacks that are in the teacher's lounge.  It seemed like each day there was something that I would have usually just picked up and eaten. The worst day was when our principal had an ice cream bar set up with oreos, m&ms and chocolate syrup.  Looking back I realize just how many calories each one of those snacks would have added up to.

Melissa had a day a few weeks ago that she made chocolate chip cookies.  When I walked in the door I knew I was in trouble.  The house smelled amazing.  I went as far as picking up one of the cookies just to smell it.  It was pretty pathetic.  Will power won that battle.  It was a tough battle, but it won.

Today was my first day that I have been able to snack with freedom and I honesly have no huge desire to have a chocolate binge or anything like it.  This morning I went for a swim and made it 2 miles.  I challenge anyone to swim that distance in a pool and not go crazy trying to keep track of how many laps you have done.  If you are wondering I did 142 lengths of the pool.  When I was done all I wanted to do is eat.  So my breakfast was a Clif energy bar, some cottage cheese, a bowl of Corn Chex, a glass of Aldi's version of the Green Machine Naked drink (that stuff is amazing!) and two pumpkin muffins.  All good stuff.

Now for the real payoff.  In the past month I did lose 4 pounds.  That is 4 legit pounds.  Normally my weight fluctuates about 2 to 3 pounds each day, but my fluctuations are now at lower weights than before.  Hopfully I will be able to keep it off and continue this trend.  We shall see.

48 goals down!

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Mom said...

So proud, Eric! You have amazing willpower.