Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The doctor made me do it!

I missed out on my fruits and veggies on Monday and Tuesday. I was sick. I was really sick. I was put on a diet of clear liquids by the doctor on Monday and I kept pretty close to it again on Tuesday. I missed a couple of days, but honestly, if I did eat them, I would not have kept them down. That goes the same for my vitamins. I was given medicine from the doctor and have been taking them as diagnosed.
I am feeling a lot better now that it is Friday, but overall, I feel as though I will never really be fully healed. I am hoping that over the weekend here that I will be able to start to feel better.


Matt Weis said...

So are you going to quit the rest of the list since you won't be able to check off every goal? What a failure

Eric said...

I am a failure!

I am thinking of switching a few of them up a little just as you did Matt. I might add some that are a little more exciting and able to be completed possibly before the last day of the 1001.