Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weekly rundown

I haven't posted in a couple of days and thought it would be good to get something on here on my progress. Here are a few things I have done this past week to keep up with my goals.

  • I changed the oil in the car. The mileage was just under 104,000 miles. It was a nice clean quick job.
  • I have kept up with taking my vitamins each morning. One day, I realized as I was leaving the house and ran back downstairs to get one. Still no days missed.
  • I am keeping up with reading to the girls. Madeline has taken more to reading. Hannah is a lot more squirmy and it is tough to keep her attention, even for a 6 page book.
  • I have continued to tell the family that I love them each day. I know this shouldn't be a goal, it should be a given, but it is nice to have it down to be able to ponder whether I have done it that day or not.
  • I started the movie A Beautiful Mind and am about half-way through it.
  • Melissa's parents bought me some tea leaves. I think I might make my sweet tea tonight. I'm a little nervous it won't go well. I've read a few different ways to try it, hopefully I pick one that works.
  • I'm still shooting free throws a few times a week. Yesterday I hit 6 in a row twice. I shot about 50 times and only missed about 15 of them. I know that is a lot, but my stroke feels good and I know that it will come in time.
  • Pop has been a temptation a few times, but I have resisted. I am actually enjoying water, milk and juice each day.
  • Still no fast food since the first day that I started. I think I will be able to make this one right away, we will still have to wait to see. I have 33 months to get this thing done. If I don't get it this time, there is plenty of time left.
  • I have made flash cards to study the presidents. I use them each day in the car on my way to and from school. I am pretty solid for the first half of the presidents. I get a little shaky around 20.
  • I am a few pages into the book that Melissa got me for my birthday about raising a daughter in a godly way.
  • I have an appointment scheduled for a doctor appointment on October 14th at 4:20.
  • I'm still trying on centsports. It's tough to do well when you haven't won a bet in over a week. I think I need to start thinking small in my bets rather than going for a home run each time. Good thing it's free!
  • Lastly, I'm typing this at school before the kids are here while wearing a tie. I picked a good day to wear it. All of the other days have been incredibly hot.

That's how I am doing. I am enjoying this goal oriented life. It makes me think about what I could be doing with my time and how I can organize things better.


Tyler said...

Thanks for the big update. I'm going to have to do that as well, just to list what I am doing. Keep it up man.

J-Rev said...

"beautiful mind"... what a great movie.

Mom said...

Does your mother count as a family member? I love you very much Eric Paul.