Thursday, November 5, 2009

Food plus $30 in coupons for my next trip, all for $14.49

I went to Jewel today. They're having another pretty good deal. I bought everything pictured for only $14.49. Add to it when I was done, I got $30 in coupons for my next trip! This is just one of those deals that I couldn't resist. I used a bunch of coupons to get this deal. I'm glad that I no longer feel weird when going to the cashier with close to one coupon per item, if that was the case, I would be in real trouble. Here's the list of what I got:
3 boxes of cheerios
2 boxes of Pillsbury Savoring bites (haven't had them yet, but they look good)
4 4-packs of yogurt
3 bags of Chex Mix
1 bag of Gardetto's
3 cartons of chicken broth
1 carton of ice cream
5 lbs. of flour
this stuff wasn't in the deal, but was in the total price
2 lbs of ground turkey, Buy one, get one free and I used a $5 off coupon for the original one so it was $.49 for 2 lbs. Can't beat that!
I also got 4 light bulbs as we are out of them and need to replace a couple that have gone out.
I also got a pack of cat treats. I had a coupon to get them free and will bring them next door to Sharyn for her cats. Thought an explanation was warranted for why I had them in my pillage.

I know these kinds of posts are not really that interesting, but I just get excited when a deal like this comes along. I'm thinking I will make another trip or two out there again before the deal is over. We'll see how the week goes.

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Mom said...

Once again, Great Job, EP!!!!