Friday, November 13, 2009

Fall Clean-up

I was able to use my time at home to do some more household chores. With the weather being so nice out this past week, I started tackling the leaves in the yard. The girls are finally old enough to spend time outside helping out. The girls picked up the leaves in their hands and then they put them onto the tarp. When each tarp was filled up, they jumped into the middle and took a ride to the leaf pile. They had so much fun. When the ride was over they would jump off and go find another pile to load onto the tarp. They had a blast!
Off we go!

Maddie was such a good helper. She kept picking up leaves and putting them onto the tarp. All while holding her water bottle.
Isn't she cute?
Getting ready to add to the huge pile of leaves.


Mom said...

The girls look so cute and are growing up so fast! Are you "finished" with raking or will there be more? Today (Sat.) seems like a good day to be outside again, if necessary. Maybe next year Charlie will be able to help too! And then, one day, you can just send all the kids out to do it alone!!!! I love you very much, Eric!

J-Rev said...

So fun