Wednesday, April 27, 2011

13. Do 100 sit-ups w/o taking a break

This one has been a long time coming.
I decided as I was on the intermission between the 3rd period and overtime of the Blackhawks game that I would get this goal done.  There have been plenty of times where i have been on a role and could have finished it, but I either get fatigued and just don't feel like pushing to 100, get mentally tired and just give up, or just get tired of counting.
I remember when I started and could only get 26.  I've definitely come a long way.
Another goal down!


Mom said...

I guess when you're this close to the deadline you can make yourself do things that might not get done without the pressure! I am very proud of you, Eric. A very little minority actually set goals nevermind accomplish them. So proud.

Eric Weis said...

You are definitely right about feeling the pressures with a deadline approaching. I've got 3 weeks left. It's going to be close!